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YangDong Engine Series(silent type)

Product Description
+ Better performance
+ Automatic switching over
+ Ultra-silent running
+ Integrated control system
+ Safer power for sensitive equipments

Model Engine Model Power Cylinder No. BorexStroke (mm) Displacement (L) Fuel Consumption ( Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) 
KP08YD YD385ZLD 8 10 3 85*90 1.532 210 1600x730x1180 530
KP10YD YD385ZLD 10 12.5 3 85*90 1.532 210 1600x730x1180 560
KP12YD YD385ZLD 12 15 3 85*90 1.532 210 1600x730x1180 650
KP16YD YD480ZLD 16 20 4 80*90 1.809 215 1650x800x1200 680
KP20YD YND485ZLD 20 25 4 85*95 2.156 215 1850x800x1200 800
KP24YD YND485ZLD 24 30 4 85*95 2.156 215 1850x800x1200 850
KP30YD YSD490ZLD 30 37.5 4 90*100 2.54 215 1850x800x1200 880
KP36YD YSD490ZLD 36 40 4 90*100 2.54 215 1850x800x1200 910

● Above model, technical specifications are based on 50HZ, for 60HZ, please contact supplier to provide separately. 
● Standards: ISO8525(GB/T2820-97), ISO3046, GB755, BS5000, VDE0530, IEC34-1, NEMA MG1-32, CSA22.2, AS1359 
● Recommended alternator brand: Stamford, Leroy Somer, Marthon etc. 
● We reserve the right to make the change in model, technical specifications without prior notice. 

More Powerful Performance

K-Power exclusive technology provides greater motor starting capability for large loads such

as central air conditioners while still running other home appliances and electronics.

Automatic, Hands-off Operation

In the event of a utility power outage, automatically the generator automatically starts to restore

power to the home, whether you're home or away.

Digital Electronic IsoChronous Governor

Safer Power for Sensitive Electronics

K-Power residential generators protect all of your valuable appliances and sophisticated electronics

with cleaner, safe and stable power

Digital Voltage Regulator

Easier Service and Installation

K-Power new easy-connection terminal block provides faster, flexible installations.

LED Display Provides Diagnostic Capability

Quieter Operation

Sound enclosure maintains neighborhood solitude whether you are in self-test or full operation mode

Faster Response

While many competitive products can leave you in the dark for 25 seconds or more during an outage,

K-Power generators restore power in as little as 10 seconds.

•Advanced Digital Control

•More sophisticated diagnostic self-test

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